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Contact Form 7 Y U NO SEND

Contact Form 7 Failed to send your message

Contact Form 7, one of the most used plugin for wordpress and it seem to have been getting some problems since the version 3.5.1.

bFireShot Screen Capture #032 - 'Failed to send your message_ Please try later or contact administrator by other way - Google Search' - www_google_com_search_q=Failed+to+send+your+message_+Please+try+la

Try Google up for  “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”, you will find massive results of that error message. I used that plugin for many of my client’s websites. There are only 2 options for me here

  1. Find a new alternative to Contact Form 7
  2. Find a fix for Contact Form 7 annoying problem


I decided to go for 2nd option which is to find a solution to the problem. I went through google results and discussions posts by posts. So here, I would to save you the hassle of troubleshooting. Just follow the steps below. go through the steps until you get your problem fixed. I’ll go from least hassle to most hassle.

1) Deactivate and Reactivate

Inspiration from Roy of ITCrowd. The easiest solution maybe the ones that work.


2) Update WordPress & Contact Form 7 to the latest version

You never know that there is a bug in the version that they released that made it incompatible with the rest of the system. So best thing is to upgrade. If it doesn’t work, at least it’s for security and possibly new features.

3) Deactivate WP-Super-Cache

Do you have WP Super-Cache installed? Please deactivate it.

4) Deactivate WordPress Jetpack


If you have this plugin installed, first disable the feedback function. If it doesn’t work, deactivate it / uninstall it.

5) Make sure ALL form inputs are on outputs

Some claim this works for them, but I am not too sure. If it does, then I find the plugin rather silly for not allowing such thing to work. Afterall, it used to work like this in older versions. Anyway, just make sure, whatever you have on inputs are applied in the mail.

all fields used

6) Setting Sender’s Email

This has known to solve alot of people’s problem. Simple by setting your own domain email as the outgoing email. If your domain is, then in the field “FROM”, it should be “”.

BUT it didn’t work for everyone. I would guess it would depend on different server’s settings and permissions.


7) Install WP Mail SMTP

This solution is getting abit tedious. Download and install this plugin WP Mail SMTP

After you installed it, go to SETTINGS > Email. From there, you may need to make several configuration.

  • Create a a dummy email in your hosting. example:
  • Check the button “Send all WordPress emails via SMTP.”
  • Find out your hosting’s SMTP host. example:
  • Find out your SMTP port or leave it default 25
  • If your SMTP requires authentication, then check it and fill up the details. You may need to refer to your hosting on this part. It would be the same as how you setup your POP3 mail.
  • The final step would be “Send a Test Email”. If it works, then test your contact form 7. The Form may prompt “successful” but you may not receive it immediately. It may take more than a hour to receive it for SOME REASON.

Click here for larger screenshot

no reply

8) If it all Fails…..Blame it on…

Act dumb, blame it on your website host until they troubleshoot it for you. I was told that server engineers always have their own ego of “I am not to be blame”. So when you blame them, they get all hyper and trying to prove that you’re wrong. They gave you solution you need.  Of course, you need to be polite and at the same time, act dumb.


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