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Streamyx Bill

Always complain to Streamyx, get rebate

Whenever you have broken Streamyx or Unifi, always complain to their hotline. My line was down for about about 2 weeks or less last month. It was a stressful moment for me as I couldn’t get my work done.

Telekom were slow in rectifying the matter. It was a physically problem, their cables got cut and stolen somewhere so it took them some time to replace those cables. Anyway, that is their problem, as for my problem, I am not getting what I paid for – phone line & streamyx.

My advice here is, to call them and make the report as soon as you found out about the dead line. When the case is closed, call them back and ask for rebate. They will calculate it from the day you make the report and the day the case is closed, so it’s important that you make the report as soon as possible. They will put a rebate within 1-2 months time.

I got my rebate of RM43.30 which is about right for what I should be claiming. Don’t let Telekom get your hard earned money. Don’t let them have their way. Make report!

Streamyx Hotline is 1300-888-123

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